Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Amazing Power of the Easter Bunny and M&M's?

So, another evening with our lovely boys...who have apparently decided that eating dinner is just way too much trouble to bother with. This is fantastic when there is still most of the bedtime ritual to complete. Of course Kevin and I have two very different children....one who eats to live and one who lives to eat. Now, our little eater has decided that he will not eat, just like his older brother, whom of course he idolizes and does everything just the same. And here to the rescue...the Easter Bunny and m&m's....hmmmm...see a pattern yet? I have stooped to calling the Easter Bunny and bribing my children to eat. The evil, awful thing they need to eat...carrots! Sheez...you would think it is liver and onions. I have learned in my short time as a mom that m&m's solve everything. Miraculously children will become hungry and eat their carrots when there are m&m's to have...and of course the threat that mama will call the Easter Bunny and he will not bring anymore m&m's to our house if they do not eat their carrots! Ever had a pretend conversation with the Easter Bunny?