Sunday, July 29, 2007

What is your definition of money???

We are at lunch, Kevin, mama, Paige and the boys and we are ready to go. The waiter brings us our check in the little black folding thingy. Kyle, who is sitting on Kevin's lap at this point, grabs the check before Kevin can grab it. Kevin laughs a little and asks Kyle if he is paying the bill. Kyle looks at him and says yes, he is paying. So, Kevin asks Kyle what money is he going to pay with. Kyle looks at us all and says very importantly...."card." We all cracked up. Of course then I stared thinking, wow we have come a long way. I used to actually know what real money is....Kyle thinks money is the credit (debit) card.

BTW, my tomato is no longer....something big and nasty ate almost the whole thing. Left just a little bit of a shell at the top. I am quite upset about that, however I am glad that at least I did not kill it!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have a tomato...I can't believe it. I am adding a picture just to prove it. I had mama bring me some cuttings from GG's tomato plants on her return from Alabama and I have a new baby tomato. For all of you who do not know...I must explain so you can truly appreciate my giddiness over a baby tomato. I am the worst with plants. I love them and try really hard to not kill them, yet somehow they all die. It is very bad. So, I am rejoicing for the moment in my tomato cause it means I have done something right so far with the clippings!

Friday, July 13, 2007


This is what Kevin and I got to do while the kiddo's were in Alabama on vacation....
Bottom two are our bedroom before and the top two are after....we pretty much gut the whole room and redo; floors, walls, baseboards, door framing, lighting, outlets, face plates, fan, repaint everything (including the closet), resurface the walls....
Kevin is getting really good at putting down floors. He has now done ceramic tile, laminate wood and real wood...I get to do all the painting, including the ceiling...which is a real pain in the neck..he he...
Still getting all the stuff moved back in but hope to get it done by Sunday. We are still sleeping on our mattress is the living least the kids think its great to have a big ole mattress where we usually eat!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dad's Post

Just so all the pics are not of the boys and Ash gets in them as well, I thought I would try adding some. I'm not much of a writer so please do not expect to "hear" from me that often. I'll probably just add some various pics now and then!
Little Dude's shelling with Mama at our "redneck" beach.

Chilling at Pappi's in Marathon during Memorial Day Weekend!

And sleepy again....

It was a long day at school....


At least my little darlings take after me....they like to sleep and hate to be woken up in the morning. Kyle figured it would be a good idea to climb in the crib with Todd and catch a few more zzzz's since he was still in bed.

Groundhog Day....or Year

There are many fantastic things about having two little boys (or children)....double the laughter, hugs, smiles, kisses and snuggles. However there is a downside...and I am quite certain I am stuck doing the same things over and over just like Bill Murry in Groundhog Day. One would think that I would have ALL the answers and know all the tricks to make it through the second set of terrible twos and potty training...argh! Yet, I find myself severly lacking in the knowledge department...and making the same mistakes all over again!

Our funny potty training story of the day is this:

Todd is of course wanting to do the exact same things as his big brother Kyle. So, we are thinking potty training would be pretty easy, right? Todd sees Kyle and does the same thing. Sure...not in my world. Todd decides he must go stinky just like Kyle...Kyle of course manages to get to the potty and go just fine (so we think!). Todd sits down on his little potty and tries to go as well. This would be just fine if he actually sat on the potty long enough to actually get the little bit that came out in the potty. Oh no, Todd must get up and look and then go running to his room. We repeat this at least 20 more times with the result being stinky's all over his hinney. Now, here comes Kyle into the bathroom, asking his dad to smell his backside (if you are a parent, you understand...). At this point we are both thinking, no not possible. Kyle went on the potty. But, oh no...he has somehow managed to go a little bit in his pants. SOOOO, here we are (all four of us) in the bathroom with two children with messy hinneys and thinking this is hysterically funny...I of course do the appropriate mom thing and promptly leave the bathroom and the children with their very capable dad....Apparently my sneaking out of the bathroom does not work as I thought it would and alas, bellowing from the bathroom is my husband telling me to "get back here right now" as I am not allowed to leave him alone in the bathroom with "two stinky covered hinney children"...My reaction...hysterical laughter.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Grandmothers are Wonderful!

This is now night number three, yes three, without the kiddos at home. Truly amazing just how much stuff you can get done without little ones under foot. BC (before children), I thought I was a pretty busy person. You just cannot truly appreciate all you do until the children are gone and you get a little glimpse of your life BC. Of course this all is possible due to the amazing person we all like to call grandmother, or in our case Pappi. Pappi decided to take the boys to Alabama for a week vacation to go visit family and leaving daddy and mama at home all by ourselves. I wonder at the true sacrifice (or sanity!) of this woman who has decided that if will be FUN to take a 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old on a 10 hour driving trip (one way). I can hardly tolerate one hour in the car with the little darlings...much less 1o hours. However, I am truly grateful that we have this time to ourselves. Mostly to get our bedroom done....ugh...but also to have a little grownup fun.....Now that is truly wonderful!