Sunday, October 28, 2007

We Finally Did It

Tonight is the first night of the down slide. Tonight we had to lock Todd's bedroom door so he will stay in this room. SOOO horrible. Kevin and I feel like the worst parents ever. However in order to have some peace in our house at night and in the morning when we all get up early we had to do something.

A few weeks ago we changed Todd's crib to a toddler bed. He was climbing out of it and we were afraid he would fall and hurt himself. Anyway, Todd has found out that he can just get out of bed anytime he wants to. Great. That did not take long at all. AND he has determined this means he can leave his room and go to Kyle's room whenever he feels like it. Fantastic. Bedtime just went from 8pm to 9:30pm. We all get up at 6:30am. My kids go DO NOT like to be woken up in the morning, hence the desperation from Kevin and me.

We started this when Kyle was little. He keep getting out of his room and there was nothing we could do to get him to stay in bed. So we turned his lock around and locked him in his room. He threw a fit. Screaming, yelling, beating on the door....terrible. Of couse Kevin and I felt so bad that we videoed him trying to open the door by sliding his fingers under it and pulling while at the same time screaming "I stuck!...Help, I stuck."

Now, we have locked Todd in his room. ARGH!!!! More screaming and yelling...and of course Todd is yelling for "MOOOOMMMMIIIEEEE." WE are in the midst of total anarchy. Todd's screaming has Kyle getting out of bed unlocking and opening Todd's door to tell him to stop. Go figure. We are being end runned by a 4 year old.

We are finally getting some 9:49pm....BOTH boys are locked in their rooms. I think it is time for an adult beverage.....

Monday, October 22, 2007


So, the last few weeks have just been ridiculous hence the lack of posting on the website. My own sister has pointed out that I have been neglecting my poor, sad blog.
Short rundown on what has been going on and a couple new pics of the kiddos....

1. I had surgery on my jaw almost 6 weeks ago. Argh! Let me just tell you that I am now quite the soup maker. I have soup recipes for just about EVERYTHING. I figure that once I am cleared to (and can actually) chew...I will not ever eat soup again. At least for the next few years or so. Here is what this all entails. I have had my braces now for about 1 year and instead of spending the next year and a half in all kinds of contraptions to get my bite to line up correctly I had my lower jaw surgically moved forward essentially cutting a year off the time I have to wear braces. Now I am in the healing process. Which is of course taking longer than I bottom lip and chin are still numb. Makes me speak with a little lisp. Kinda like learning to speak again. And I have to retrain my muscles to learn to chew and all. Again, ARGH! But, the upside is that my teeth will be great and I will not have to worry about my teeth moving back and having to repeat this process all over again. Yea!!!!

2. Kyle had his 4 year old check-up. He is perfectly healthy and growing just great! Of course he had to get 4 shots...EWWW! He did great. Cried a little but perked right up when I promised him a treat from the a candy bar.

3. Todd is also growing like crazy...he has been in a growth spurt and eating like crazy. I can hardly wait to see how much this child eats when he is 16.

4. Getting ready for Halloween. Kyle will be a storm trooper (Kevin is going to be Darth Vader) and Todd will be pirate. I just love Halloween and am looking forward to trick or treating this year as Kyle and Todd will really understand it.

5. I have a new tomato. I am trying hard to get this one ripe and ready to eat. It is still so warm here, feeling like in the 100's today. Of course it is not raining anymore so really no relief in sight.

Now that I actually write it all down it seems quite boring...oh are some new pics of the boys playing around....This is hide and seek

and then they are lizard hunting.....

and finally best buddies.....