Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kyle's 4th Birthday Party!

I can hardly believe that Kyle is turning 4 on September 3 of this year. I used to laugh at all those other moms who would tell me "oh, enjoy it now because they just grow up so fast". I would think, right, I am up to my armpits in nursing, changing diapers, spit up and no sleep. Yep. Please, please, please let this go on forever! However, it does all end too fast and before you know it you cannot even remember what your son looked like as a baby and when you do pull out the infant pictures, you think wow, was he really that small? his eyes that blue?

So, here we are embarking on a new chapter with Kyle. He is now officially a big boy...and will correct me when I call him my baby. Oh no, he is NOT the baby (Todd is). Time is coming for real school, school buses, bikes with training wheels and full conversations where I understand every single word he says. Even though I rarely call him my baby anymore to his face, I still know he is when he asks for hugs and kisses every day when I drop him off at school and before he goes to sleep at night. I pray he never stops.

For everyone's enjoyment...pictures of Kyle's 4th birthday party that we just had for him Sunday at the park. He had a ball and even told Kevin..."Daddy, that was fun!" We had a somewhat pirate theme party with a really cool treasure hunt (Thanks Auntie Paige!), water balloons, fish decorating, a pinata, play in the water park, lots of fun with cousins, 2nd cousins, friends and family.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vacation - Real One This Time

We had quite a great time on vacation at mama's house in the Keys...wanted to post some pictures from our trip. Kyle got to do lots of great things: Snorkeling with fish, swimming and playing on the sand bar, tubing and best of all he caught his very first fish. Although the fish he caught was a real one to eat the fish was too small to keep. Todd played on the sandar, fed the fish from the boat and quite enjoyed just being in the Keys and not in school! We all had great fun and had a hard time adjusting to reality this week....

Bad Mommy

Apparently I have sunk to the low of being corrected by my soon to be 4 year old son. Monday the kids returned to school after a week vacation in the Keys. So, since we missed all the end of summer/school parties and the transition week from the old class to the new class, Kyle's teacher put his "gifts" in his box in his new room. Of course I am not paying too much attention when I get his stuff out of his box Monday. He of course asks me where his car and crayons are...the before mentioned "gifts". At this point I figure out that I was actually to take those things home...go figure. The next day I actually do forget to get his stuff out of his box. At this point, fully understanding a 3 year old's patience, Kyle asks me where his stuff is. He does this after we are in the car and actually driving away from school. He then decides that he has had enough of me and quite succinctly says...."Mama, you a bad girl!"