Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving...and all that stuff

So I am apparently quite the slacker mom who even though I have a fantastic camera I took not one picture during our Thanksgiving celebration. Fortunately Kevin took a couple with my camera which I am now sharing. We had a great time visiting family and enjoying Thanksgiving day with wonderful food and many things to be thankful for.
Of course one of the best parts of the weekend was watching UF beat the snot out of FSU. Wooo Hoooo...a great blowout. Has not happened in awhile and I got to watch the whole thing from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium! Kevin was not so happy but he is a good sport.
The next picture of the boys is at home that I just thought was so cute. We have been having quite the time trying to get the boys to go to sleep. As you can see from a previous post, we have resorted to locking the boys doors to keep them from playing and being awake until 9pm. So, Monday night we get the kids to bed and are shocked when there is total silence less than 10 minutes later. I went to check on them and this is what I found:

Both are in Kyle's bed and the sweetest thing of all is that Kyle had his arms around Todd. So cute!
This last picture is the boys coloring. Just thought it was too cute.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Little Gators

Each year I try to take the boys to at least one Gator game. This past Saturday Mama, me and the boys went to the UF/Vandy game. We all had a blast. The boys loved the game and Todd even got mad at me when we got ready to leave before the game was over. He kept telling me, "no mama, not OVER." I eventually convinced him that it was okay to leave.
Walking into the game....

Swaying at the end of the third quarter....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We all got dressed up last night and went trick-or-treating. We had a blast. Kyle kept wanting to to go to "just one more house." We went to the houses on our street, just like 6 total, but because our boys are the only ones who go down our street everyone was giving them hand fulls of candy. We then went over to "auntie's" house and went around her neighborhood. Lots of kids were there and the boys really got into it. There were even a couple of houses that were all decked out and super spooky...
Plus side, even with all the candy the boys are still too young to really remember what all they have and do not miss the stuff mama and daddy eat. YUM! And what will inevitably get thrown away....

Kyle dressed as a Storm Trooper, Kevin was Darth Vader. Todd was a pirate and I was a devil.


This is just funny. I have no idea why Todd does this or where he even got it from but his latest thing is to put socks on his hands and walk around doing everything (including eating!) with his "glubs"...translation...GLOVES....

Fall Festival

So, since I have been slacking of late...I am going to put up three posts is a row! I know, I know, just what everyone has been waiting for... is the first one. Saturday was the kids school's annual family fall festival. We all trucked over for the first part of the day and had a GREAT time. The boys got to run, run and run and bounce on lots of different bounce houses. They also got to go down two different inflatable slides. One was pretty big and I had to go down with Todd. I got a pretty bad skinned elbow to boot. ME, not the kids. Go figure. Enjoy the pics! (I was going to put more from the festival but cannot get them to upload to blogger...argh....)