Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Almost Back to Normal

Yesterday I took C back to the orthopedic doctor to have the last of her sutures removed.  When the ER doctor tacked her finger back on he used three looping sutures.  I thought for sure we would have a huge issue with removing those suckers and C, of course, would freak out.  I asked Kevin to go with us to the appointment, figuring I would need Kevin to help hold and keep C calm.  For those not familiar with C's condition it can be a little freaky to watch her turn blue when she is screaming.  So, to try and avoid the chaos I am sure would ensure when C freaked, screamed and turned blue, I had reinforcements. 

And wouldn't you know...

When the time came to actually remove the sutures, there was only one left.  The other two had already fallen out and it took the assistant all of 3 seconds to remove the final one.  C did not even have enough time to work up a good scream at being messed with before the whole thing was over.  Even she was a little stunned at how quick and pain free the whole process was.  She still whimpered and whined a little because she had to get a little extra love.  But I can't really blame her as her finger, while much improved, still looks pretty bad.

The doctor did confirm that the end of her finger will stay attached and will live.  Yea!  And again reinforced that had the end been completely cut off, she would have the lost it.  The crush damage to the finger is too extensive for the end to survive and the doctors rarely, if ever, actually reattach a complete amputation.  The nail will most certainly come off completely and we are still in a wait and see on whether she will get a full, normal nail back. 

This whole situation has been so weird for me.  Here I am writing about a normal childhood injury/accident about the one child of mine who is anything but normal.  I guess this is what I get for trying to treat her as normal as possible.  Ha ha.  However, I would not change it.  C, at this point, has no idea she is not normal, that she is any different from any other child.  To me, it is amazing.