Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"That's not a good idea"

This post is by me, Kevin, as I just had to share my morning experience with the kids today. Well, Ashley is not feeling good, so she stayed in bed and I was to get the kids ready as usual but then take them to school, which Ashley usually does. So while getting the kids to eat breakfeast (they are very slow moving) I came up with this idea to hopefully get them moving so I'm not late to work and at the same time try to keep them quite so not to disturb Ash. So it went like this:
ME: "I'm taking you guys to school today."
Kyle: "Why?"
ME: "Because mamma doesn't feel well." (Todd is not behaving at all and Kyle still moving fairly slow) "So why don't you guys eat all your breakfeast quickly and lets get dressed and if you both behave, I'll let you have some of your Easter candy on the way to school!"
Kyle: (Knowing they are not suppose to eat candy in the morning and with a stern face and shaking his head side to side) "Daddy, that's not a good idea."

DARN, foiled by the good teachings of his Mamma!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mama Knows Everything

The other night Kevin was questioning Kyle about his day. Kyle did not know that I had already told Kevin he got yellow at school because he kicked another child on the monkey bars. The conversation went something like this:

Kevin: Kyle, why did you get yellow at school today?

Kyle: (looking puzzled, yet playing with his food and avoiding answering) I don't know.

Kevin: Well, you got yellow for kicking another child...why did you do that?

Kyle: (still looking puzzled...not sure how Kevin knows all this) La, la, la...I don't know.

Kevin: Kyle, I know you got yellow and kicked because I know everything.

Kyle: (quite seriously) No daddy. Mama knows everything...boys don't know everything.

At least I am raising him right...He knows who really knows it all in our house!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

February in Florida

Some photos of what we Floridians do in February...hee hee