Thursday, July 12, 2007

Groundhog Day....or Year

There are many fantastic things about having two little boys (or children)....double the laughter, hugs, smiles, kisses and snuggles. However there is a downside...and I am quite certain I am stuck doing the same things over and over just like Bill Murry in Groundhog Day. One would think that I would have ALL the answers and know all the tricks to make it through the second set of terrible twos and potty training...argh! Yet, I find myself severly lacking in the knowledge department...and making the same mistakes all over again!

Our funny potty training story of the day is this:

Todd is of course wanting to do the exact same things as his big brother Kyle. So, we are thinking potty training would be pretty easy, right? Todd sees Kyle and does the same thing. Sure...not in my world. Todd decides he must go stinky just like Kyle...Kyle of course manages to get to the potty and go just fine (so we think!). Todd sits down on his little potty and tries to go as well. This would be just fine if he actually sat on the potty long enough to actually get the little bit that came out in the potty. Oh no, Todd must get up and look and then go running to his room. We repeat this at least 20 more times with the result being stinky's all over his hinney. Now, here comes Kyle into the bathroom, asking his dad to smell his backside (if you are a parent, you understand...). At this point we are both thinking, no not possible. Kyle went on the potty. But, oh no...he has somehow managed to go a little bit in his pants. SOOOO, here we are (all four of us) in the bathroom with two children with messy hinneys and thinking this is hysterically funny...I of course do the appropriate mom thing and promptly leave the bathroom and the children with their very capable dad....Apparently my sneaking out of the bathroom does not work as I thought it would and alas, bellowing from the bathroom is my husband telling me to "get back here right now" as I am not allowed to leave him alone in the bathroom with "two stinky covered hinney children"...My reaction...hysterical laughter.

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