Sunday, July 29, 2007

What is your definition of money???

We are at lunch, Kevin, mama, Paige and the boys and we are ready to go. The waiter brings us our check in the little black folding thingy. Kyle, who is sitting on Kevin's lap at this point, grabs the check before Kevin can grab it. Kevin laughs a little and asks Kyle if he is paying the bill. Kyle looks at him and says yes, he is paying. So, Kevin asks Kyle what money is he going to pay with. Kyle looks at us all and says very importantly...."card." We all cracked up. Of course then I stared thinking, wow we have come a long way. I used to actually know what real money is....Kyle thinks money is the credit (debit) card.

BTW, my tomato is no longer....something big and nasty ate almost the whole thing. Left just a little bit of a shell at the top. I am quite upset about that, however I am glad that at least I did not kill it!


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

That's my boy. Already knows what the plastic is used for.......just kidding! That is funny. When I was his age, many years ago, I don't think plastic had even been invented.

*pab said...

The crazy thing is, that comment wasn't even the funniest thing Kyle did during that lunch. I thought I would fall out of my CHAIR laughing at him wiggling his hiney and saying "shake ya' bootie...shake ya' bootie..." Little hambone.