Sunday, December 9, 2007

And He's Back

Kevin has returned safe and sound from his travels half way around the world to S. Africa. He is still trying to adjust back to our time. Cape Town is 7 hours ahead of us so Kevin is having a time trying to get back on our time. He is in bed early again tonight.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for all of us this past Friday. I know my dad is up there watching us all and I AM grateful I was able to have him for my dad, even though for shorter time then I would want. However, we are all doing well and I am enjoying the beautiful flowers my husband sent to me Friday. In all his travel and work he still made it on the internet to send me flowers (Paige and mama too!)

We are finally all set for Christmas. Yea!!! Mama and I were able to get the inside of the house finally finished decorated. I had decorated the tree already as we picked it up the weekend after T-giving and Kevin was able to get the lights on before leaving. Just took me a little longer to get the rest of the stuff out. Whew! Kevin and the boys got the lights up on the outside of the house tonight and we sure do light up our street! And, I am quite proud to say that Kevin and I were able to get the boys gifts today while Mama watched them for us. THAT is a HUGE relief. Now on to the rest of my list. Can't hardly wait... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

And on final note...I am sure from reading Paige's blog you all know that she is having the baby on Dec 17. SOOO exciting. We will have a new little on for Christmas this year. Does it really get better than this????


Kristi said...

I know you are so glad to have him home! OK - so you need to post some pictures of the house and tree!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Amen to all you said!! I have always told you what a sweet man your Kevin is and he certainly proved me right with the flowers. So glad he is home safe and sound. Your house looks great and I am right there with you on Christmas as it is by far my favorite holiday.