Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Really Long Rant

Yeah, so today is not a great day. My beautiful state is being sucked down the toilet and nobody in elected office gives a crap. They are all out for the quick fix, easy way out and it just disgusts me. I cannot believe that my state would elect John McCain in the REPUBLICAN primary. Who out there actually thinks this man is a republican??? I really want to know. He is nuttier than a fruit cake and will do serious damage not only to my state but to the country as a whole. And then...oh yes...with 64% of the vote, the totally uninformed, unenlighted actually passed stupid amendment 1. My insurance (just the homeowner's and windstorm, which are required in order to get a mortgage) went up $2000 this past year. Yes, from paying approx $2000 (which is high to start with but totally undestandable since I do choose to live where I do) to over $4000. No, I am not kidding. But Hey! Wait a minute! I just got tax much you say...I will probably save $240 a year (if I am lucky enough to max out the savings). So, property taxes have gone sky high over the last 5 years right along with the ridiculous sky high property values but hey my taxes will go down approx $200. The thing about this amendment that really infuritates me is that written into this amendment is protection for all those 6 monthers/snowbirds who have second homes here. Excuse me...I can barely afford my one home let alone a second home. These people DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to be protected as such. If the taxes are just too high for you do not own two homes. Or if the taxes in FL are too high, homestead here instead of up north. I am absolutely sick of our elected officials doing more to protect those who rape our state (ie snowbirds) then those of us who choose to live here with our families and actually positively contribute to the state economy. I actually have a job here, I use my disposable income here. I do not sit back and spend the least amount of money possible while sucking down as many Medicaid dollars as possible and then bitch that the state does not do more to help them protect their SECOND home. I have really had it with the people who are running our state. The top jerk is the Governor who started this whole descent with the selling of our beautiful state to the Indians and gambling. If you want full scale casino gambling go to the places where it already exists and do not futher destroy our beaches and environment. And please do not tell me about how much better it is up north and how all us backassward redneck hicks should destroy our state to make it just like up north. If you love it up there so much, stay there!

And for now I will stop as I no longer have time to continue this worthwhile rant. Check back for future moments when I loose my cool and type what I am thinking without any filter.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

You go sentiments exactly. I wrote an editorial to the Keynoter that expressed pretty much the same things but I expressed it in my best Julia Sugarbaker wording. Don't think they would publish your rant but hey, it was good.

*pab said...

the worst part is the pandering from House "leaders" now that the Constitution has been changed (again). They should have strapped on their set last October and let the amendment die.

Kristi said...

Hey, I want to hear the Julia Sugarbaker rant... J/K - I wasn't surprised by FL going with McCain. I don't care much for or Romney. And, they are the media darlings. Yuck. I'm afraid it's going to be a disappointing 4 years for Republicans. And, I second your rants. There should be more of a balance - with more to permanent resident's sides. What a mess.