Monday, September 22, 2008

Kyle's 1st Day of K4

Kyle's first official day of K4 was August 13...he got to wear his uniform and carry his new portfolio. Poor Toddles wanted a uniform too, just like his big brother.

Kyle has been having a hard time adjusting to life in a real school setting. He is finally getting the hang of things and really liking school now. He seemed okay at first, doing well, getting greens at school. Then two weeks ago...oh man...he got sent to the principals office twice. Kevin and I finally had to get really tough on him and we took everything away from him. When I say everything, I mean everything. His books, movies, tv, toys, piggy bank, all his privileges and he has to do all his chores (even the extra ones) without earning any money. I think he is finally understanding. He got green at school all last week and we have not had one problem with him at home either. I think we have finally hit on some good parenting. He was getting such an attitude, being rude and disrespectful and generally an all around spoiled brat. He is slowly earning back his stuff and seems to be grateful for the things he has. Thank goodness. Each age seems to be more challenging than the next. I am sure glad I already dye my hair so I cannot see all the gray I am likely to get as Kyle gets older!


Anonymous said...

So good to read your new post! I have been checking regularly. There is a great book recommended to me by two counselors called Parenting with Love and Logic. It has been really helpful to me and I only wish I had read it sooner, so there is your heads up!;D Hope to see you all soon.

Aunt Laura

*pab said...

The best things and people are always a challenge. Kyle is no exception. Through your excellent parenting he will learn his boundaries and will excel in life. I just know it!

Anonymous said...

I had to add how you are wise to teach Kyle in these early years, that with privilege comes responsibility. I am having to do the same with Micah and if I had taken the steps with him at the age you are taking them with Kyle, I know we would not have the difficulties we are enduring now. Keep up the good parenting, Mom and Dad! It will pay off with huge dividends later. Love, Aunt Laura

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

He behaved beautifully for me this past weekend. He seems to understand the parameters and did not try to cross over the set lines with me (which I found interesting since I am such a pushover-to quote you). It gets a little more difficult to be a parent as kids get older and want to be more independent. You are doing a good job and I am proud of you and Kevin. Love you.