Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we do on a day off

Although this post is not exactly timely it is pretty close. Kyle was out of school Friday, Oct 10 and Monday, Oct 13. I knew that Kyle would be going to spend the day with his grandma (Kevin's mom) on Monday and that Todd would be upset to still have to go to school while Kyle got to have all the fun. So, I took that Friday off and stayed home with both the boys. Even though the kiddos do have a tendency to drive me CAA-RAY-ZEE I do enjoy getting to stay home with them on a normal day. We do have so much fun doing all those things other stay at home moms/kids get to do.

Anyway...on to my domestic side now. I have recently found a great recipe for really yummy cupcakes. From scratch. So good. Since it is football season and it is getting close to Halloween we decided to decorate the cupcakes for the occasion. Most are Halloween motif, some for UF and some for FSU. I even made and used food color to dye the icing. I think my mom and sister are quite impressed with my sudden found domesticity (and that I actually can cook...)


Laura said...

Fun and yummy, too! It looks like the boys had a great deal of fun (and a little tasting, too!).
I have posted a bunch of pics from the weekend on my blog.
Hope you enjoy your new car! I bet it is nice. Put some photos on your blog so we can see it.
These comments are so random. I am jumping from one item to the next, but this party has my brain a little mushy from exhaustion.

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

By the way, the cupcakes were
dee-lish!! I loved the way they were decorated. I do think you have become quite the cook seeing as how you used to say "I hate to cook....." You have earned the name RAMIKIN QUEEN. Love you.