Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't Move Me

Kevin and I have tried really hard since Kyle was born to not allow the kids to sleep in our bed whenever they want to. Some may think this is selfishness on our part but honestly we just wanted to keep our room and particularly our bed sacred to just us. Of course, just like every rule, there have been many exceptions. For example if one of the kiddos is sick, they can sleep with us. If one of them is scared and comes into our room we certainly do not kick them out and tell them to "deal with it" (I think I may be losing some worst mama points here).

Since the boys have been older (ie we are able to reason with them) we have been allowing more sleeping in our bed. Mostly it started with Friday night movie in our bed. We generally use Friday night as our "fun night out" with the boys. We go to dinner (their wonder I can't lose weight) and then either buy a movie (if it is like say $5 or less) or rent a movie. The kiddos then get to watch said movie, staying up way too late but hey, it is Friday after all. Kevin and I have seen lots and lots of kids movies...many, many we tell them they can watch their movie in our room because there are only 2 dvd players. One in the main room with big tv and one in our room. Needless to say this practice has recently developed into the boys wanting to sleep in our bed all night. I think Kevin just gives in, not sure, but somehow the boys end up in bed with me all night.

So, the kiddos slept with me Friday night. Well Saturday night came around and the boys wanted to sleep with me again. Kevin was like....uh, no. But giving in we let them watch a movie and then fall asleep in the bed with the intention of moving them to their own bed later. I am the first in bed, Kyle just went to sleep but considering it was somewhat late for him I thought he was really asleep. Apparently not. Kevin comes in a little after me and goes to get Kyle and move him. Everything is all quiet and dark...the only sound is the kiddos slow, even, deep breathing. Kevin leans over and right as he is about to touch Kyle...Kyle says very loudly and very clearly...Don't MOVE Me. Kevin, somewhat startled, starts to laugh. As quietly as possible. I start to laugh. Kyle, hoping to impress on both of us that we can all sleep in the same bed then says in his sleep mumble...again, don't me move, I move over, and then proceeds to toss Todd half way across the bed to make room for Kevin. All poor Todd did was get up close next to his brother on Kevin's side of the bed. All I can see is Kyle pushing Todd and Todd violently rolling over with a very loud grunt. By now Kevin and I are laughing so hard, still trying to be quiet and not really succeeding (bless Todd, he slept through the whole thing). At this point there is really no way to move Kyle without a huge fuss. While we are still laughing and Kevin is trying to decide what to do Kyle says very clearly....It's NOT funny!

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Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Now that was funny reading!! I can just hear that conversation... treasure these memories. They are priceless. xoxo