Monday, March 9, 2009

Kyle is Reading!

He is just so proud of himself. I really want to believe that he is actually reading however I think some may be memorization from school. He had Dr. Seuss week all last week and they read all the books. We have most of them at home as well and he wanted to read to us. So, as he was reading I noticed he seemed to be remembering the words on each page from being read to at school. But he does sound words out and uses the grammer rules he is learning at school.

Through this new experience I am reminded yet once again why I am NOT a teacher. God bless his teacher and all teachers everywhere for having the diligence and patience to teach our children.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

He so is reading. He may be trying to remember the story but when I asked him to sound out the word he did really well. Can't believe he is old enough we won't be able to write out stuff we don't want him to know. Questions: like "can they have some ice cream?" We already can't just spell it such little smart boy knows what we are saying...oh joy!!

*pab said...

Go Kyle! What a big boy he is! Auntie Paige is very proud of you, lovebug! xxoo