Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Case Anyone Is Curious

I did take Todd to the dentist Monday. A few weeks after whatever accident he had to damage the tooth...don't worry I was reprimanded by the dentist. In my defense, Todd did not complain about the tooth hurting until this past weekend and there was no outer trauma to his mouth to give me a head's up.

His tooth is actually fine...besides being a nasty gray color. He was very good for the dentist. My kids are freaks. They LOVE going to the dentist. Anyway. He got an x-ray of his tooth and the nerve is still alive and there is no fracture to the tooth. The dentist did say we (and Todd) need to be careful with the tooth so as not to do anymore damage to it. The dentist said given time the tooth will heal and could even go back to being white. The things you learn. I would much prefer his tooth to go back to white because those suckers do not get loose and fall out until around 7 years of age. 3 more years of all his pictures with a gray front tooth? I hope not.

Of course being the boy he is I'm sure he will do something to retraumatize that poor tooth and it will come out sooner rather than later.


Kristi said...

Brooks has chipped his front teeth TWICE now. The first time was on a tile floor in the bathroom at church. The second was on the brick fireplace surround. Can't believe the teeth didn't turn gray. I had them checked out by their pediatric dentist the second time, but we dodged another bullet.

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Well if you get him a full on face protecting helmet you stand a good chance that tooth will turn white again. Barring that I would say the chances are good all the pix of our little Todd will have that gray tooth shining through. My fingers are crossed he won't hurt it again. I learned something too...didn't know teeth could change back once they discolored like that. xoxo

Kevin said...

It didn't help he bashed his other front tooth into my forhead this past weekend. I've been a show all week with a scab on my forhead. Wasn't totally his fault but still, poor little bugger can't seem to keep hitting his front teeth.