Thursday, September 24, 2009

Carolena At One Month

Carolena officially turned one month old on September 19. I was going to put this post up on her one month birthday but then lots of crap happened. So, to document her one month with us, here is what she is doing...well ya' know doing in the loosest sense...

- She can roll over from her tummy to her back...seriously.
- She likes to "stand" when Kevin holds her up
- She is 22 inches long and 7lbs, 15 ounces
- She is still wearing mostly newborn sized clothes but is moving into 0-3 sizes
- She is wearing stage 1 diapers b/c we did not want to waste too much on newborn sizes
- Her features are very delicate
- She has really long legs, arms and fingers
- She is very alert and will spend long periods of time awake
- She is not a morning person, loves to be awake at night
- She is sleeping very well and will go 3 to 3.5 hours over night
- She does fuss and fidget alot but who can really blame her with her issues
- She is still really pink, we have not seen her turn blue yet
- She loves to stick her tongue out and chews on stuff
- She does not love pacifiers...I still have hope she will take one (I have tried 6 different brands now)
- She loves to be held and loves to sleep in bed with us
- She has been holding her head up since week one
- She is super, super stong
- She hates to be messed with
- She really likes her brothers and sits very still when they hold her
- She loves her bath, she is very calm and peaceful in the water
- She loves to cross her feet when laying down or sitting, this is her preferred position
- Her hair is still dark, with a little mohawk action
- Her eyes are still dark but are starting to lighten up and look blue
- She is smiling, it is NOT just gas
- She laughs in her sleep
- She makes sweet little sucking motions and sounds when sleeping

Here are some recent pictures of Carolena with her brothers and her favorite way to sleep...

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Laura said...

How cute that she likes to sleep with her arms in the air! She is a big, strong, girl! It is apparent that the boys are totally in love with her and she appears so comfortable with them. Sending love and hugs from Alabama! ♥