Friday, December 18, 2009

And We Go Forward Again

C is still continuing to amaze everyone. Yesterday she presented to her cardiologist with a pretty severe effusion around her heart that had grown significantly in 3 days. Pretty serious stuff.

Today the cardiologist reviewed her echo (after 24 hours of increased meds) and told us the effusion was decreased by half and he has rarely seen one decrease that much that fast.

So, she is doing well and is almost completely back to her normal self. Her eating is still crappy, but her normal crappy. Not the horribly crappy that she was 2 days ago. She is back to talking, smiling and playing. C is obviously feeling much better.

The plan right now is to see if the effusion will continue to decrease with only oral meds. The monitoring is pretty important right now since her very small effusion (fluid) on the right side of her heart very quickly surrounded her whole heart. The fluid around her heart is pretty bad...this puts pressure on her heart and can lead to heart failure if not corrected quickly. I think she will be only or oral meds through tomorrow and the docs will see how she does. IV meds work better and faster and she needs to have this effusion go away or be controlled by oral meds. If she does well then she may be discharged Sunday. Yea!

Tomorrow I will be going back to Tampa with the boys and give Kevin a break.. He has been with her since yesterday when I left to come home. We are really praying that she will be well enough to come home Sunday. Fortunately, all the repairs to her heart are good and functioning just fine. Even better we were told that she should be able to handle some normal infant crying/screaming. We had been pretty paranoid every time she started crying hard that she would damage her heart. Of course we immediately would rush to comfort her completely spoiling her. Now we can treat her a little more like a regular infant...:) She may not be too happy about that since she is very used to being held and cuddled every time she makes a peep.

Thanks again for all the prayers. I am continually amazed how quickly C bounces back and I know all the prayers are working.

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Laura said...

I am forwarding your emails and updates to many who are following and praying for Carolena.
I am glad that she is responding to the meds. Glad that she is feeling better. Glad that you and Kevin are OK. You scared us with your joke. Knowing the pressure you have been under, well, anyway...glad it was a joke. I think if I had read Kevin's, I would have realized it was fooling around. (smile) Have a good day with Carolena, lovey. Kisses and hugs to all, from Auntie Lala