Friday, February 26, 2010

The GI Series - #4 - Revelations

Gee, guess what? C does not have reflux. What you say? You have been giving her meds and treating for reflux now for 4 months and now there is no reflux? Yep. That would be correct. Not one tiny, little bit of reflux showed up on any of the biopsies or the ph probe.

Nothing at all.



So, where does this leave us? Well we are not exactly sure. Kevin got the call from the GI this morning. We are scheduled for another nuclear medicine scan...this time of her GI track for Monday, March 1. Our understanding is the doc is looking for any kind of blockage.

Stay tuned for the next turn of events.

If you hear a very, very, very loud explosion from down in our area...that would be mine and Kevin's heads exploding because they did indeed find a blockage. And that is something we have been telling ALL the doctors forever that we think the problem is. If there is a nuclear type of explosion that will be us as well if they tell us C has to undergo another GI surgery when this all could have been corrected in the first GI surgery she had at 8 weeks old.

Now, I must go love on my sweet little girl who is all out of patience with me ignoring her....ha ha.


Buster's Momma said...

Wow, Dr. Mom, you've had a big week! Did they spring you for the weekend? I hope so, and that everyone is resting comfortably at home and enjoying the weekend. Sounds like Monday may bring you the answers you've been looking for. Keeping fingers crossed!

Laura said...

Hi, I'm Laura - Stella's Mom. Stella battled hard with feeding/vomiting issues the first year of her life. She's still battling them, but we've realized that it's not reflux, because all the reflux meds just made her vomit even more. We've come to the conclusion that it's her heart. Heart babies vomit and they have a hard time eating.
Stella was Failure to Thrive for the first 4 months of her life. We decided that a G-tube was the way to go for us. It has helped tremendously. I'm not saying that it's right for Carolena, but there may be a solution out there. Stella still vomits at 18 months old, but no amount of medicine is going to help that. The stronger and bigger she gets, the less it happens and the more weight she can put on. Stella had been hospitalized for feeding/vomiting issues 8 times in 6 months. We finally learned to treat it at home with a mixure of pedialyte and formula until she got back on track.

Good luck with the Scan and I hope that you finally get some answers!!!