Sunday, June 6, 2010

And Now we Wait

C had another good night. This time she did not break with the drama and everything was nice and stable. Seems as though C is finally getting rid of her cold and fever. She did still get Motrin but I think she is finally kicking this out of her system. She also did not have any break through arrhythmia problems. This is all very good. We are still working with her feeding and she did receive about 10 ounces of formula over night in her g tube. Everyone is determined to get her to fatten up.

So, now we wait. This I think is the hardest part of being in the hospital because there is no real plan or action, we are just here for observation. I am very happy that C has made it this far but hospital living really stinks. I really just want to get her home and back to her normal routine. I am so nervous that the longer she stays in the hospital the more risk she is in for getting sick. But, I think as long as she stays stable and she can get her central line out tomorrow then we can go back to having a little more freedom to get C up and around and out of her room. Maybe we can even get her back to wagon rides and get her outside a little.

As of now there is not much more to report. C has really turned around and is actually acting more and more like a "normal" baby. She eats in the appropriate amount of time and then plays and goes down for a nap. Your have no idea how much we have missed C having a normal baby life. And, I am so very grateful that we are at this point that I can be aggravated by having to stay in the hospital for observation. Hopefully it will not be as long as the doctors are saying. Right now they are saying we may be discharged Wednesday or Thursday. I was hoping for Tuesday but I guess I will take Wednesday. Thursday will be a little tough to take but it is what it is.

Thank you all so very much for the good thoughts, positive energy and prayers. C is still in a transition period and I am still praying that she continues to improve. I will be so very happy if she can kick this arrhythmia so that is what I am praying for.

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