Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Should be Tubing Tomorrow

The intensivist here has been really right on with making sure to follow through and get C on the GI schedule to get her g tube placed. As of right now, she will have the procedure done tomorrow morning. Should be rather quick and easy. She will be sedated but not enough to be intubated. The whole thing will be done in her bed in her room. She will not be able to eat/drink at all tomorrow. She will be allowed to put stuff in her tummy starting Thursday morning. If all goes well then we will use the tube Thursday, make sure it all works and then hopefully she can be discharged Friday.

Of course C has to put a wrinkle in the plans. She started running a fever earlier this afternoon. Seriously.

Right now the intensivist is not concerned. She has no lines at all and her incision looks really good so there is really no open place for an infection to set in. I imagine if she is still running a fever tonight and into tomorrow morning then the plans will change. Crap.

I honestly have no idea why she would be running a fever right now. The best I can come up with is either 1) she picked up a cold or 2) she is getting dried out from the Lasix. Hoping it is the latter and she has not come down with some sort of infection. If she has an infection then who knows how long she will be here.

Other than the above, C is doing well. She still has a measure of freedom and I was able to take her outside to the play area for a little bit. She also had another enjoyable wagon ride. Being C though, she is quickly getting bored with these activities. Go figure. She was not as thrilled with the wagon today. Tomorrow she will be back in bed all day so maybe Thursday she will decide it is cool again. She is supposed to have her tube placed in the morning so I may not be able to update before then but will let everyone know how she is doing after.

Thanks so much for all the good thoughts and well wishes.

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