Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That is about all I got.

C did have appointments with the allergist and her cardiologist yesterday. Poor Kevin was gone He left our house at 8am and he did not even see the cardiologist until 5pm. Ugh. Then a 2 hour drive home. He said C was an angel all day and he did get to experience a first with her that he would not have ordinarily been able to see since he is never with her during the day. Yesterday, our big girl finally figured out how to get to a sitting position all by herself. And daddy got to be the very first one to see her do it. Yay!

So, here is the rundown. The allergist tested for the biggest, most common allergens. Milk, soy, wheat, rice, egg yolk, egg white, corn and a few others. She is sensitive to the milk, rice and corn. Ordinarily the doctor would recommend removing these items from her diet but there are several factors to consider: 1) she could be showing sensitivity since the majority of her diet comes from these three things, 2) cost, as the formulas with no milk/soy are really expensive and may not be necessary (see point #1) and 3) we do not want to go upsetting her entire diet all over again. The doctor gave us a prescription for allergy meds to try. He would like to try and control whatever sensitivity she has with these foods (and possibly others) with a medication versus going through the whole process of revamping her diet again. He also does not think she is necessarily allergic to the penicillin antibiotics either but did give us a script for some testing the next time she has a blood draw.

C's cardiologist was super happy with her progress. He actually does not want to see her back for 3 months. I think this will be the longest we will go without seeing a cardiologist since we found out about C's heart when I was 17 weeks pregnant. He was estactic with her mental and physical development and her gross/fine motor skills. Although she did not gain as much weight from last week to this week she has put on almost 2 pounds since this cardiologist last saw her 4 weeks ago. He was very happy with that. As far as the vomiting goes, we are back to GI. Not too sure what we are going to do but will see about maybe tweaking her GI meds for reflux. And I absolutely will not be taking her off her antibiotics again after the cardiologist told Kevin that she could die within 3 hours of getting an infection without having the added protection of the antibiotics. Well. There you go. We can try and switch the antibiotics if I still feel there is an issue but will stay on some form of penicillin as this is the best one to fight the germs they do not want C catching. This also leads to our continued crack down and general hand's off approach with visitors and germs. Which is sad because C gets held by only 3 people. I feel bad for her because she just is not able to get all the loving, hugging and kissing like other babies. But, she is super happy to see other people so that will have to be enough for now.

Overall she is doing great. Her right eye is all red and gunky again which worries me but could be as simple as blocked tear duct. The issues we are seeing now are more for her pediatrician, more general baby stuff. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish.

Still trying to figure out all the stuff for C's birthday. I will be getting invitations out (I am hoping that if I keep saying it, then I will actually get them done). Other than that, we should have a few months break from all the doctors visits. Just need C to cooperate and all will be good.


Lisa said...

Maybe she just needs to get a little bigger and a little stronger for the vomiting to stop? Just a thought. Happy to hear that all is pretty well for the most part otherwise.

Ashley said...

I really hope so Lisa. My husband and I are still a little nervous with all this because we kept being told the vomiting was not due to her heart working inefficiently, until well it was because of her heart and she had surgery #2. This time we really want to believe it is reflux and she will outgrow it. Otherwise she is doing really rather well. Cardio does not want to see us for 3 motnhs and you know, that is pretty darn good. Thanks so much for keeping up with us.