Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 5 Post Op

Monday C was all settled into her new room 200 feet down the hall in the picu. She seemed to be doing better, minus the whole sleep thing. Sunday night was just horrible and the goal for the day was to let C rest.

Her EP cardiologist came by in the morning and checked on her. He paused her pacer and looked to see what she was doing. Again, the atrial tachycardia is still there but is showing signs of being brought under control with the medications. He was able to slow her paced rate down again to 120 and she did just fine with that all day.

Her surgeon stopped by as well and he is backing off a little now that she is consistently showing oxygen sats in the low 80's. Still not where she should be post Fontan but at this point she is stable and we will take it. No cath in the immediate future.

Cardiology is pretty happy with where she is heart wise. Her echos are still showing good function so they think she is moving in the right direction.

Her chest xrays are getting better each day so the left lung is clearing up. This definetly helps with her oxygen saturations. She had her main chest tube pulled.

We did speak with all the doctors during rounds and discussed the issue of her having no sleep. We even discussed the possibility of her going through withdrawals. The decision was to give her choral hydrate, mild sedative, and see how she did once she had some sleep. I did continue to give her fluid and food during the day and she did ok. She got some really good sleep and when she started to wake up, she seemed to be feeling better. She was awake most of the late afternoon but still real sluggish. I chalked it uo to the drugs and the sleep deprivation. I did not see any more of those really bad episodes she was having all day. She did have one in the morning with Kevin and it scared him enough to call the nurse. But again, she seemed to settle down.

C's nurse last night is awesome and one of our favorites from previous stays. She is really good about getting all her stuff done together and quickly so shevdoes not need to mess with C overmuch. C was looking pretty good when I left. She was comfy and sleeping. Went back to hotel and all was fine.

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