Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Two Post Op

Friday started out with me getting back to the hospital quickly. I had finally left the hospital around 2:30am but C continued to act up with the arrhythmia the rest of the night so I went back to the hospital around 8am. Kevin had said it was not emergent but that C was still not doing great.

I get back here and although C is relatively stable she still just does not look well. She is still really foggy and groggy and just not looking good. Well, her morning blood draw revealed a super high white cell count possibly indicating an infection of some sort so cultures were taken and C was started on high powered antibiotics.

The EP cardiologist came by not too much later and tweaked her paced rhythm while watching the echo. He told us that we were not doom and gloom but not terribly great either. He also reminded me it would probably take a week to get control of this latest atrial tachycardia with breakthrough rhythm issues. I am really praying for the treatment plan of pacing her heart for the next couple of days plus two medications will break this rhythm and keep her out of it like it did 2 years ago when she had her first problems with the arrhythmias. The alternatives should this not work are not all that great. The medicines is on really have to work. The EP doctor came back at the end of the day before he left the hospital to check on her and he was happy with where she was maintaining.

C's oxygen saturations continue to be low. However, yesterday we could see that she is beginning to feel better. She was awake most of the afternoon and even got a visit from her big brothers. Even though she really did not show it, I know she was super excited to see them. We even saw a brief, tiny smile when she saw Todd and Kyle. She really loves them and it does her good to see them. I think it is good for them too.

The rest of the day and evening were calm. By the time I left for the hotel last night, C was showing sats at 82. I was so excited to see this. She is still not maintaining in the 80's yet but at least we are seeing a trend upward. She is still maxed out on her oxygen and nitric oxide through her cannula and must start showing more stability, better sats and clear left lung before they will even think of weaning the nitric and then wean the oxygen.

We still have a very, very, very long road before C is back to being healthy and even being considered to leave the hospital.


Jen said...

Glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction. Sending all my strength and good wishes.

Unknown said...

Hoping things maintain and improve for C throughout the weekend, and meds work as they are supposed to. Lots of oositive thoughts, prayers and hugs to you all!....