Monday, February 18, 2008

School Playground or Bathroom???

Apparently my little one is confused between the daycare/school playground and the bathroom. Unfortunately, I think I have fostered this confusion.

Picking up my kiddos at school last week, my 2 year olds teacher very sternly tells me that he was sent to the office on a blue note. I, being very polite and attentive, ask the teacher, what did he do? She proceeds to tell me that he needed to pee when all the kids were on the playground. Not bothering to mention this to the teacher he just pulls his pants down and pees right there in front of all. Apparently this is very frowned upon at school. I of course burst out laughing before I can catch myself, earning me a very evil eye. I quickly adjust and sternly talk to him in front of the teacher. Talking to my son I ask him (remember he is 2), why did you not tell your teacher you needed to pee? He just looks at me like let me pee outside all the time. To my amazment I realize that his accusing look is well justified. Just yesterday when we were out on the boat I was changing him from his wet bathing suit into dry clothes and asked if he needed to pee before I put his underwear on. He says yes so I hold him on the side of the boat and let him pee over the side.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Poor little guy. He didn't know what he was doing was "wrong". I am guilty as well. When I take the boys on a road trip with me there is not always a convenient bathroom so we have stopped and gotten out of the car on the side of a road (not the interstate Ash!!!) So, I guess I will have to be a little more cognizant of what I allow and hope there are no wet car seats and smelly children on my trips!

Kristi said...

Our friend's little boy (3 years old) did that at Kate's birthday party Saturday. While it quite embarassed Leah, it was very funny to us! They let him do that at home, too, so he just thought it natural... :)