Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beaches, Beaches and well...a Cruise too, Part 1

Kevin and I went on a week long cruise from May 10-May 18 through the Southeastern Carribean. This was really the first time we had been on a cruise and had a great time. We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico where we got on the boat and proceeded to go to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Kitts/Nevis and then back to San Juan. The cruise we took was perfect for us as we went to a different island each day and got to explore 6 different places. I was not real impressed with St. Thomas or St. Lucia but think this is because this islands are much bigger with a large city (complete with corruption and poverty) feel. Day 1: Instead of staying in St. Thomas I took a ferry over to St. John and went to what is by far the most beautiful beach I personally have been too. I went to Trunk Bay on St. John and learned later that I went to one of the 10 best beaches in the world. The WORLD people! Here is what it looks like.... St. John is also one of the many spice islands, being in the West Indies, this is not surprising. I went to a cool little store with all kinds of spices (and vanilla made with rum!) of which everyone can order through the internet at www.stjohnspice.com. Got to love the internet. Day 2: We stopped in Dominica. What an amazing island. With the most rainfall of all the islands Dominica is extremely lush and tropical with rainforests and waterfalls. Hiked up to the waterfalls and then had a great lunch with curry shrimp and root vegetables. Then off further up the mountains to the Titou Gorge which is actually where some of Pirates of the Carribean 2 was filmed. Way cool! The last two pis are of the actual gorge. You had to swim through the two rocks and then to the back to a waterfall. So totally cool. The other pic is looking up and if you are a POTC fan you will notice this shot in the movie. If I was a really cool tech person I am sure I could somehow pull that part from the movie and put in on here in comparison with my pic but that is not going to happen. (Okay, I have to intervene and add this video. This whole seen is inside the Gorge and the water is that clear. Kevin)

Day 3: Barbados - Of course this is just cool because the island produces all of the Malibu rum and Mount Gay rum distributed throughout the world. Oh yeah...a rum island! Here we did a snorkle trip and swam with turtles and then hung out on Malibu beach (yes, the distillery for the rum is right on the beach). Unfortunately you do not get free rum however it is super cheap and at the place we were you had staff who would bring your drinks to you on the beach. Yea! Of course the beach was gorgeous... The guy sitting on the beach is just random so just ignore that part. The top pic is of me swiming with one of the turtles. Okay...enough for now. I will continue this post later when I have some more time. Stay tuned....