Thursday, April 9, 2009

What the...?

Todd often gets the label of being the shy, timid baby because Kyle is SO dominant. However, if you ever believe for one moment that Todd backs out.

We have recently been having problems with Todd eating dinner. The child is starving when he gets home from school so I have a deal with him that he can have 3 small snacks and no more. If he then does not eat dinner he can only have 1 small snack the next day. He also is not allowed to have any "treats" after dinner. Kevin gets even worse...he says if Todd does not eat within a reasonable time frame he cannot have the treat either.

The other night Todd was being a pain again with not eating dinner. We had all finished and Kyle had happily gotten his treat and was already brushing his teeth. Todd, stalling as usual finally finished his dinner. He took his plate/cup into the kitchen to Kevin and asked about his treat. Kevin started on the "you did not eat quick enough" speech...Todd was quite indignant. Gesturing quite rapidly while still holding his plate he is telling Kevin...."but look...I ate it all...Daddy, what the hell?" Perfect context (of course) with a perfect facial expression.

I looked at Kevin to see if I heard correctly. By this time Kevin is trying not to laugh but was just way too hard. If you could have seen his face...oh man. After Todd got his treat and we stopped laughing I had to inform him about not using that language and if he did it again he would get the mouth with soap treatment.

And, I do not have any scheduled doctors appointments for the next two I will not have any updates on the baby until then. Actually a relief to not have to be at a doctor's office for a bit.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Now you all see what I mean when I say this kid cracks me up!! Unfortunately I can't keep a straight face and do end up laughing which makes the discipline harder because if Pappi is laughing how bad can it be? Really..... Reminds me a little of the bathtub incident with you and Paige and the "sum bitch" comment. You never got the soap in the mouth treatment because Paige politely told me that you liked Ivory the best. One of my favorite memeories!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I can just see Kevin trying to keep a straight face! And I can just see Todd's face trying to explain to Kevin! I remember Ashley not wanting to eat much either when she was two, especially at dinner time. Paige always took up for Ashley (that summer I babysat) and just hated when Ashley got in trouble! Which was alot! Talk about "Baby Girl Long" being stubborn! I know where she gets that! LOVE YOU MY SWEET LITTLE BROWN BUNNY ASHLEY!!!!

Aunt J

karen said...

Ross drops the exact same bomb! I don't have a _clue_ where he learned it...*innocent look*. Last time he uttered it in range of parents, he quickly followed up with, "Which I would NEVER say at school," sending Chris and I into giggles. Never at school, eh? Guess I'd better keep an ear out for a call from his teacher...

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!

Caryn Clark