Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's New With the Boys

So, since my last fews posts have not had any pictures I thought I would put a few up and also tell what the boys are into these days.

Kyle being 5 and 1/2 now...goodness, sounds soooo such a big boy now. He rides his bike everywhere, has learned to roller blade, can snap and whistle, tells me my belly is not fat it is just the baby, wants to kiss and hug my belly because he loves the baby, is so dang smart it is scary (to me at least), can write his full name and simple sentences, is reading (all by himself...), loves books and movies and video games (when we let him play them), argues with us ALL the time, never takes no for an answer, loves Nascar and wants to race go carts, still loves his little brother and still is wide open all day (he has two speeds super fast and asleep).

Todd is almost 4 (oh my!). He is still my super sweet little boy (even though he no longer even resembles a little boy). He wants hugs, kisses and snuggles all the time and always wants to sleep in my bed. He LOVES sports, always asks to be outside because he wants to play baseball, soccer, basketball (his new favorite). He still lets me call him Toddles, is learing how to snap and whistle, is learing how to read, can write his first name all by himself, does awesome on his skut balance bike (almost ready for his own big boy bike), has also learned how to roller blade, still takes an afternoon nap everyday, still sucks his thumb (only when he goes to sleep), still loves and sleeps with a blanket (he calls them all blankee...have no idea why), loves books (insists on taking a new one to school everyday), will watch movies but only the ones he really likes, will watch tv but is the only male in my house who does not become comatose when in front of it, still idolizes his big brother, is major stubborn and has quite a temper and the only friends he talks about from school are his girl (pronounced gri-eel) friends. He is super funny and makes us laugh all the time.

We had a great Easter. Paige, Zane and PG were able to join us for Easter dinner. Mama got a ham, made potato salad. Paige did veggies, peanut butter pie and fruit for the angel food cake I made. I also helped with the potato salad. Kiddos all had a great time. The boys got to do an egg hunt at the house after church and then later watched Z do his egg hunt after we ate.
Last weekend we went to a local butterfly garden. Was not too sure how the boys would do but they loved it. Bought the family membership so I am sure we will be going back a lot. The boys saw lots of buterflies, got to see one that just hatched and got to see/hold a caterpillar. The ice cream afterwards did not hurt either.
Kevin and I are still moving forward. The baby is still doing fine. We will be going to St. Pete this coming Monday for our next appointment. I will do my best to update after that appointment. We are hoping that everything is still the same, we do not want the doctor to see something worse.


Anonymous said...

Wow, time does fly!! Ashley and Kevin, please know that Tony and I are keeping you all in our prayers. God will give you what you need to get through this!

<3 Caryn

*pab said...

those photos are just so cute!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

What a great post. Made me smile all the way through it. My grandsons are very handsome (all of them) and your guys are certainly not little guys any more. Love you all very much.