Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Only Took 5 Years...

But I have finally heard..."it's not fair"

Oh yes, the wonderful, wonderful concept of things not being fair has insidiously slipped its way into dear Kyle's lexicon. I was beginning to wonder...

Kyle has always been one to want to be the center of everyone's attention. He sincerely believes he is the sun and the rest of us are just merely the little planets and stars that orbit around him. Much as we try, my husband and I are unable to convince him otherwise.

So, we have finally reached the next step...Kyle now believes things are entirely "not fair" if Todd is allowed to do something that Kyle is not allowed to do. This usually only happens when Kyle is being punished because of his own behavior. BUT, we are also getting into "not fair" territory when Todd ends up doing something that Kyle has opted out of and then realizes after the fact that what Todd got to do was in fact quite fun. And, because well Todd got to be in the lime light while poor little ole Kyle has noone paying any attention to him at's just not fair!

Oh the joy.

And even though I know this is quite typical of children this age, especially like gendered children close in age, I really wonder how over the top Kyle will get since he already truly believes he is the sun and Todd is just merely a planet in Kyle's orbit.

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