Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Era

Kyle started Kindergarten today. He is now officially "in school." I never really considered PreK being in school. Probably because it is not required by law that children attend PreK, but a decision by the parents to have their children participate. So, we start a whole new era in our little world. An honest to goodness, real school attending child. I honestly do not know how we got here so quick and this is considering Kyle is starting later than most kids as his birthday is 3 days past the state required cutoff. He will be 6 for 95% of Kindergarten.

I really thought I would be sad and cry. I never cry. But somehow, maybe the pregnancy hormone thing, I was really feeling like I would. This morning I could not be more excited. I think I would have been the one jumping around hardly containing my excitement if that is in fact what responsible moms who have already been all the way through school do. Anyway, Kyle was excited. Which I love. Being excited about school is so cool. I want the boys to be excited. I want them to understand how important education is and how important it is for them to learn. I want for them to show this same enthusiasm all the way through college...high hopes I know, but maybe, just maybe.

After being really excited last night, Todd's enthusiasm was not quite up to par this morning. It could be that whole he is not a a morning person ( just like me) but I think some of it was anxiety of starting a new school with a new teacher. He is not really used to the environment of his new school which is a more traditional setting with all different ages of kids milling around. I think he will get the hang of it after a few days. To make the day even more special, I got the boys cool new backpacks with matching lunchboxes and special watches. I figured it was time (ha, ha) to start teaching the boys how to tell time on a real clock/watch. Kyle totally loves his, showed everyone...Todd, I think, needs a little more time to warm up to it.

At first I was a little put off by the (what I thought) was a weird transition period of having the boys come in on Tuesday for a half hour to meet with the teacher and then one full day of school on Thursday with just half of the class and then one full day on Friday with the whole class. But, I got to admit, I was wrong. I think this transition thing (while a a total pain for us working parents) is actually a good idea. Especially for Todd. And, again, this is yet one more reason I switched schools for the boys in that this new school does a little more hand holding for the little ones. Which is just so weird for me since I am all about making your own way, etc. I don't know, when it comes to my kiddos I just want them to be safe, protected and happy. And if they need more hand holding then I am going to find the place that works.

All in all I think this first day of leaving the boys in Kindergarten for Kyle and PreK 4 for Todd has gone well. I am hoping that the boys come home this afternoon filled with how much fun they had and how much they like the new school.


karen said...

I love that their uniforms have red shirts. So many of the schools here use white or very light blue shirts and I wonder if the administrators who choose the outfits have ever met a little boy.

Kristi said...

Love love the 3rd from the last picture! I like the uniforms, too. I think that's a great idea to help level out the field. I have thought about so many Moms this week, I guess because I will be taking Kate to school next year. Hard to believe! Can't wait to hear how things go!

*pab said...

so handsome, and SO.GROWN.UP. Ack! Where did 6 and 4 years go?

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

What great pictures and cute boys. I hope they will have fun as well as learn lots. Sounds like you have made the right choice for their needs. xoxo