Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C is in Recovery

and doing well. Her heart is functioning fine. The scar tissue turned out to be membrane and not tissue. The surgeon is not exactly sure why it formed but he went ahead and removed it. He also removed her pulmonary artery from the heart. Her sats are running a tad low right now. The surgeon thinks because she has had high pulmonary pressures by now removing that pressure will keep her sats lower for a little while. He expects her sats to rebound back to her more nomal levels after a few days. He did say it could take a month. There is a very good chance she will be intubated for a little while so the doctors can control the level of oxygen in her blood. I am praying she will not have to stay on the vent long but it is all up to C. Everything else went well. Thanks so much for all the prayers and good thoughts. Please keep them coming as the next 24 hours will be critical, not only to get her off the vent but to also not have any clots, strokes, etc.

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