Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In C's Room

Been with C now for 2 hours and she is stable. She is still on the vent and will be for at least tonight and well into tomorrow. Her lungs needs to catch up. The increased pressure she has been living with for the past 5 months causes there to be residual "memory" in the lungs. The doctors are all thinking that her lungs will start to respond to the new lower pressures and lower blood flow. Once her lungs catch up and she does not need so much O2 and NO to keep her sats up she will be extubated. I will be praying really hard tonight that her body and lungs start responding so she can get moving on with her recovery. I know it does not seem like it but C is really sick right now. One of the doctors mentioned he was really surprised she had gone so long and done so well with the pulmonary obstruction and elevated lung pressures. Not really what we want to hear right now but it just reminds me that C is not a normal baby. She is unique, different, complicated and she is so beautiful. I hate that her pretty blue eyes are so drugged she cannot even pull them into focus but I know her body is getting the rest it needs. I will be so happy when I can see recognition in her eyes again.

I know we have said it before so please excuse me for repeating but these next 24 hours are so very critical. This first overnight period is so iffy. Right now she looks like she is doing well but we know that it can change quickly. Kevin and I will be taking shifts tonight so she will not be alone. Even though she is out of it, she is aware and knows we are here. I do not want her to be scared on top of everything else.

Thank you all so very much for the prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes being sent her way. C is one tough little girl but we know she cannot do this alone. I am very grateful for every single one of you and all the prayers you are sending up on her behalf.


J J said...

Ashley, I soooo hope and pray the worst is behind Carolena. I know this has been one of the longest days of your life, but hopefully once she heals from this surgery, she can feel better and eat better and thrive! Thank you so much for keeping us updated so frequently! It's hard being up here knowing what you all are going thru down there, so the updates really help. We are all with you in mind and spirit. We are praying continually for C, you, Kevin and Pappi. I hope you feel the strength we're sending your way. Wish I could be there with you! I love you!

Aunt J

Lisa said...

Ashley, thank you for taking time out of this day to keep us updated on C's progress. I understand what this day is like for you and I hope that you and your husband will take some time for yourselves before you start the swing shifts. C's a tough little cookie and I know she will do her best to get back to her normal as quickly as she can. Sending lots of peaceful healing thoughts your way. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight!