Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving Forward

C is off the ventilator. That is correct. She is off the ventilator. She was aggressively weaned down all morning and once the intensivist thought she was awake enough and breathing on her own enough he went ahead and pulled the tube. She needed a tiny bit of stimulation to get her going but she has been doing good ever since. I thought for sure he would make me leave but he said I could stay and help hold her. He said he would only ask me to leave if he had to do some further action like bag/mask or even reinsert the tube. I got to tell you, these doctors have nerves of steel. I was pretty terrified of what C was going to do once her tube came out and at one point I did walk out of her room. But, I went back in and stayed with her and got her to settle down and go back to sleep.

She is currently sleeping pretty peacefully. She does have a nasal canula and is getting oxygen and nitric oxide through the canula. She of course hates the thing blowing in her nose but I keep telling her it is A LOT better than a tube down her throat. Her narcotic pain med drip has been stopped (the fentenoyl) and her sedation drip (versed) has been weaned down. The doctors want her to start coming to and waking up. Get back to her normal self. Her foley catheter was also removed so she is peeing all on her own. Next step will be to see if she will eat. Doctor has not mentioned it yet but maybe tomorrow. She still has a long, long way to go but I think we have turned the corner and C is on the upswing.

I cannot even tell you all how much your comments and prayers have meant to me and Kevin. At some points in the night, reading all of your comments, and knowing how many people where sending up prayers on C's behalf was the only thing keeping me from completely breaking down. Yesterday was a very long day, I think Kevin, me and mom were awake for 20 straight hours. Hopefully we can all get a little more sleep tonight.


Matt S said...

We are so happy that C has turned the corner and is doing much better! You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we will continue praying for all of you!

Lisa said...

Hooray for good news! :-)
I emailed you.

angie said...

I am so glad to hear that today was a much better day for Carolena & the parents of course. We will continue to follow her progress & will be keeping you all in our prayers.