Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tomorrow is Another Day After All...

If you were following me on Facebook last night you already know that C took a major downturn early last night. Her sats dropped, she was on 100% oxygen and she was still struggling. Even with the vent all the way up she could not maintain her sat level around 75-80 like the doctors wanted her to be. She was sedated more and more (she is still so very, very stoned) and yet she still struggled. I was very scared.

She got another blood transfusion, lots of warm blankets and some changed vent settings that actually stabilized her. When I left around 12:45am she was actually calm and stable. Kevin stayed the rest of the night/early morning with her and she maintained her stable levels and actually improved. Poor baby is really fighting hard right now.

However, the doctors are all okay with her numbers this morning so aggressive vent weaning has begun, She has already been lowered to 60% oxygen on the vent and is tolerating it well. The next step is to lower her nitric oxide and see if she still tolerates it. Once that is lowered she will be extubated. The intensivist said it will be a high risk extubation for her and she may have a very adverse pulmonary reaction (ie turn really blue). If that happens he will immediately put the breathing tube back in and she will be back on the vent to try again another day. He wants her off the vent as quickly as she can be as the vent puts negative pressure on her Glenn shunt. So far she is tolerating the vent weaning very well. The key will be if her lungs have adjusted enough at this point to keep her oxygen sats up on her own. She will still be getting oxygen through a mask/nasal canula to help but she has got to do it on her own.

Other than this very serious issue with getting her lungs to cooperate with the lower pulmonary pressures she is doing very well. Her heart function is great and the repairs are awesome. Her chest xrays still look clear (no junk or infection setting in) and she is not running a fever. The best thing about getting the tube out and off the vent is that C will be able to be awake more and move around more. She will not have to be so sedated.

I am humbly asking for everyone to pray for a very successful extubation today. Not exactly sure when the doctors will be trying to pull the tube but will let you all know the results as soon as I can. I know absolutely that all the prayers being said for her last night pulled her through to this morning. C is fighting hard right now. Her body is doing the best it can. She just needs some extra help from all of you praying for her. Thank you all so very much.

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