Thursday, June 10, 2010


C had a pretty good day. She still seems to be suffering from the rhino virus, which apparently is a whole lot worse than just a common cold. She is also teething. Poor thing just can't catch a break from all the ickiness.

As far as I know, her heart has done well with staying in rhythm and rate last night and today. I did not get woken up once from her monitor going off. I got woken up for lots of other reason but not because her monitor was going crazy. The increased amount of one of her meds seems to be doing the trick. She will be in the hospital for at least another 5 days as the cardiologists want her to get a full 10 day loading cycle of the anti-arrhythmia medicine. Because of the increased time on the loading doses she needs to be in the hospital to be monitored. There was some talk of moving her to the main pod area of the floor but that was before she broke into tachycardia again. Plus I voiced concerns about her being out of the cardiac icu and the response back was we can stay in the icu as long as there is not a pressing need for the bed. So, I am a little nervous they may try and move us out but I really hope not.

C did have her holter monitor on all last night and through today. We have not heard any results of that yet but hope to get some tomorrow.

Fortunately Kevin was able to come back to Tampa today and give me a break. He spent most of the day with us and let me rest and is staying with C tonight so I can not sleep in the hospital. Also, my Aunt J just flew into town tonight to help us out. I am so blessed to have such wonderful family who are willing to drop everything and help us out.

Right now we do not really have that much info on C. She is stable, which is awesome. The meds seem to be working. I really wish she could kick this virus. It makes her miserable on top of everything else. We are hoping that we can meet with the EP cardiologist tomorrow and get a better understanding of what is going on and get a long term plan in place. I really dislike not be prepared and not having a plan. Being in limbo really sucks. Most of the time I feel like I am just sitting around waiting for something bad to happen.

Please keep the prayers coming. God willing, C will respond to the increased meds and we will hopefully be able to go home end of the weekend or the beginning of next week. Thanks so much.

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