Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Good News

Good news has been rather rare around here lately. Today, I got great news. The EP cardiologist came in a little bit ago and went over the results of her holter monitor. He actually used the words excellent and very good. Oh my. He said she only showed arrhythmia 1% of the time which in his words is "excellent." The other really good news is that he said where originally her arrhythmia looked chaotic and irregular, the holter monitor actually showed that her arrhythmia is actually more uniform. This is all very good news. In fact, the EP cardiologist is starting C on the maintenance does of her anti-arrhythmia medicine tomorrow instead of continuing the loading dose and he let the intensivist know that he clears her for discharge. The only thing that is scary for us is that he did say that he does expect C to have break through episodes. We will need to be extremely vigilant and call them right away so we can make sure to get it under control as soon as possible. We will have to see both the EP cardiologist and her regular cardiologist now. Hoping we can at least coordinate them together since I see us having to come to St. Pete from now on. No more clinic visits in Sarasota for us.

So, of course everyone's next question is...when do we get to go home? That is a question I would just love to answer but cannot right now. C broke with a fever AGAIN this morning. Seriously. This has got all the doctors completely stumped. Her white cell count is completely normal, she is not cranky (in fact she was sitting up, playing and laughing this morning we she spike to 102.8) and she is eating fine. I have no idea (and neither do the doctors) just what in the world is going on. She has been on antibiotics since her first fever 7 days ago. Nothing at all has grown on the cultures. They have redrawn blood for all the cultures again. I guess we need to see if anything grows this time. I can tell the intensivist is really hoping the fever is a result of an infection on her central line site. Because really there is nothing else. So totally weird. I am so scared I am going to hear the words "heart failure" and "transplant" again but no one has said that. She has not even been ordered another echo. I keep thinking she will be getting one just to rule out failure but she has not and she is really showing no other signs of failure. Everyone is rubbing their heads. Some of the nurses have determined that she just likes it here and likes them so much that she just does not want to leave. Ha ha.

Now we wait again. Wait to see if she kicks the fever. Wait to see if anything grows on this new set of cultures. Wait to see if she has any other illness symptoms. Wait and see if it is indeed her central line now causing the problems. I am much more content with waiting now. I am just so happy that her heart is doing so well.

That is all the news for today. Keep those prayers coming because they are really working. Thanks so much.

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