Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

And we ALL should be there a little later this afternoon.

C is being discharged today. Around noon.

She has been fever free for over 24 hours (at least that is what the doctors tell us). Kevin thought she was running a fever last night but with round the clock Motrin she seems to be keeping it in check. Nothing at all has grown on any of the cultures they have taken (3 times she has been cultured). There has been no indication markers on any of the blood they have drawn and sent (at least 10 times). There has been nothing on the urine sent (and I refused to let them cath her after the first time...h to the l no). She has no "bugs" in her system. The doctors are all pretty confident (there are never any guarantees when you are dealing with the stuff C has) that the fever is coming from the effusion on her heart. The effusion is still small and is shrinking with the increased Lasix and Motrin. She woke up this morning all on her own after a very good night of sleep and she was happy. Just like her normal self. Yay! Unfortunately I think all this has made her take a step back with her eating but I think she will catch on again. If nothing else we do have the g tube now. She will not be starving like before and we are doing our best to get some junk in her trunk.

I think she was telling us yesterday she wanted to go home. We had the doctor okay pulling out her central line that was placed last week. The intensivist was very hesitant as they have such a hard time getting any access on C, plus they have been doing the blood draws from the line instead of having to stick her. But, he did okay removing the line because she did still have an iv. I had been negotiating with the surgical PA here about removing her central line. We had a deal worked out. Again, based on C having and iv. Well, C decided she has had enough and her iv actually came out on its own last night. The nurse tried to save it but the catheter was completely out, laying on top of her skin. I was like, uh oh. So was Kevin. He kept thinking, oh great, the intensivist is going to kill me. Especially if she runs a fever again and the they have to draw blood. I don't think Kevin got that much sleep last night he was so worried she would run a fever again. But, C surprised us all and did not break with the drama last night and remained fever free. No blood draw, no cultures.

No fever + good echo = C going home.

We are so grateful to everyone for all the prayers and good wishes and to all of our family who have visited and helped us out with the boys. 19 days is a VERY long time to spend in the hospital, especially an icu. C will have to see both EP and regular cardiology later this week, but we are all praying for good reports and much more time at home before we have to be back in the hospital. God is good.


karen said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys are headed home! My fingers and toes are all crossed and I'm hoping that things will continue to go well. :)

Lisa said...

Hooray for home! :-)