Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 10 Post Op

Yeah, behind on updates again. But, again for good reason. C continues to make forward progress and with forward progress means spending more time with my angel and her spending more time on my tablet :-)

So Day 10 - Saturday  -

The doctors decided to push C to see how much she would tolerate and how well she would do. Did not see neurologist as he is not in the hospital on the weekends but already heard from cardiologist that her ct angiogram was clear. There was no sign of stroke, no clot, no annuerism and no injury to her brain. We were so relieved to get that news but still needed to hear from neurologist after he reviewed the scan and what his plan would be from there. Since got good news on scan, did not mind waiting until Monday to see neurologist.

C's EP cardiologist was on service for the weekend which was awesome. Hence why he was willing and able to push her when staff is reduced on the weekend. So he cut her iv meds way down again. Both her amiodarone and milrinone were cut way back. The milrinone could have been stopped and the amiodarone could be switche to oral but he was stil thinking impending cath and did not want to take her off the iv drips. The pacer also stayed connected. He turned the rate way down but left it on and connected. C has did well with that all day and has stayed in sinus rhythm. Very good.

They decided to see what C would do with no oxygen on at all, so she was switched to room air from 3 liter flow and 100% oxygen. I know, big switch right? But she did well all day and managed to keep her oxygen saturations in the 80's. Unfortunately both the flow and oxygen had to be turned back on as C desatted all night and hung in the very low 70's. I did night watch Saturday as Kevin went home to be with the boys. His mom was having a party for her 70th birthday and all of Kevin's family was in town. He was looking forward to going and so were the boys. Kyle also had a church retreat on Sunday for his sacremental prep and Kevin really wanted to do that with him. So, Kevin got to see the boys and sleep in our own bed. Somewhat jealous on both accounts but he totally deserve that night of sleep after all the nights he has spent in the hospital with C.

C also had her chest tubes pulled. Finally. Her xrays showed clear lungs and there was no further drainage so out they came. Oh what a happy girl C was once those came out. She was more comfortable than she had been since surgery. We were still giving her Tylenol as needed to make sure she had no pain.

The best part of Saturday was that they finally let her get out of bed and walk. She was so excited. Unfortunately she thought it meant we were leaving for good and threw an absolute fit when we told her she had to go back to her room. She was so worked up and screaming so hard she actually raised her oxygen saturation by opening up her lungs. But as much as we hoped the lower sats were a product of her lung she kind of proved us wrong when she could not keep them above 70 that night.

We also continued on with her feeds as we do at home. She did vomit once and of course all over herself so that required dressing changes. Awesome. But getting her up and walking really helps get her bowels moving.

Overall we had a great day and some hope we could avoid another cath before going home.

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Sharron Johnson said...

Great news! But poor C, thinking she was going home then finding out, not. How awesome that the chest tubes came out! These kids put up with so much as far as all the stuff they're hooked up to, plugged into and who knows what all. And they handle it like troopers. Most adults I know would not handle it as well. Glad Kevin was able to be there for Kyle's camp and his mom's birthday. It must feel awesome to get away from the hospital for a bit. Prayers still going up!