Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 11 Post Op

Day 11 - Sunday Well, I spent the night with C and heard her monitor go off all night long sure to her oxygen saturations being too low. She mostly hung around 70-73. Really, really low for a kid post Fontan. So, I was super nervous when the doctors started rounds because I just knew C was out of time and the doctors were going to push for the cath. Sure enough, when C's EP cardiologist came by he said it was time. C would be discussed at cath conference Monday with cath possibly as early as Monday afternoon. Awesome. Of course I was scared as all get out to put C through more anesthesia and another procedure messing with her heart, you know, since the last one went so swimmingly well. Apparently I was nervous enough and terrified enough that C's EP cardiologist actually patted me on the shoulder to try and reassure me that it would be ok. I also asked what would happen if they did not find anything with the cath and was told that they would definitely find something. Ok. Still not completely reassured and wondering if it is really worth the risk if they are basically just going fishing. EP cardiologist did tell me that the cath risks now versus two months from now would be the same. And he figured if she had a problem would be easier to get hold of while she is still in the hospital. Nothing else changed as so many things were done Saturday. We continued to get up and walk and move around. C definitely needs to get out of bed. She has been laying there far too long and needs to get her strength back up. So, not super comfortable night as she was still hooked up to the pacer, still has pic line and still hs the trans thoracic line. Kevin was back and started with her Sunday and reported an uneventful night. I finally got her into some type of schedule and she was asleep when Kevin got back. She continues on her home feeds and juice and is tolerating it really well. So much better than I expected and I hope the trend continues.

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