Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

The boys were so excited for Halloween this year. Todd LOVES costumes and dressing up. Of course Kyle LOVES getting all the candy! The boys got their costumes a couple weeks before the event this year. Which is a big change for us. We are usually scrambling around the day before trying to get the perfect costume in the midst of all the other slackers who have procrastinated to the last minute.
Kyle was GI Joe (really just an army man costume but he did not know the difference). After much back and forth Todd finally settled on the Incredible Hulk. The child would have had 10 costumes and changed throughout the night if we would let him. Kyle was so excited that he was going to get his face painted in camo colors and Todd was super jazzed about getting to spray his hair green. So cool. This is what Halloween is supposed to be. Little C was a bumble bee. She has the cutest little fluffy tutu. Although we did not get any pics of her on Halloween night she was dressed up. We dressed her again Sunday and took her pic then.

Of course something had to wait until the day of so our pumpkin did not get carved until Halloween morning. The boys decided how they wanted the face to look (still cannot believe they agreed from the beginning and there was no fighting) and I did the carving. Our pumpkin had real blood on it from me cutting my thumb. At least I showed the boys how dangerous knives can be! I also got to make some banana bread, roast pumpkin seeds (which noone is eating) and got caramel on two apples. Considering where I thought I would be at this point in time, I just thrilled that I got to do all this, dress up and go trick or treating with the boys. BTW, Kevin is the scary clown. He scared many, many little children.

We all really enjoyed going to Auntie Paige's and Uncle PG's to do a hay ride and run around to tons of houses getting gobs of candy! The boys really cleaned up on the chocolate. When did everyone start buying the good stuff...I never got that many candy bars when I was a kid. Seriously. We used to get super excited if we got like 5 candy bars. Sheez. Kids these day are spoiled. To top it all off the boys got little buckets with full size candy bars from their babysitter (and our neighbor) and full bags of candy bars from our other neighbors. I think will be eating Halloween candy until Christmas! Actually I am thinking Kevin will be bringing a bunch to work soon.
After the trick or treating we hung out at Aunties house partying until the boys finally crashed around 10pm. Never thought they would actually go to sleep with all the candy they ate but I guess the day was just soooo long and fun filled.


Anonymous said...

That's the prettiest bumble bee that I've ever seen! Looks like a good, good time was had by all!

Aunt J

*pab said...

i just want to kiss her all over her sweet, bumblebee face! That tutu is a confection!